Linda Ellen Price


Linda Ellen is an artist known for both portraits and creative paintings.  Painting mostly is oils, subjects range from whimsical to loosely painted figurative works. Her paintings are in corporations and collections in the USA, South America, Canada and Europe.  She is widely known for expressive descriptions, often conveyed with a quick stroke of her brush.  Linda Ellen’s palette ranges from subtle sepia tones to vivid explosions of color.  She was the featured artist at Huntsville Museum of Art Gala 2004 and is represented by leading galleries throughout the eastern US. She is featured in the live auction, “Hand in Paw Gala”, August 2019.   She is represented locally by the Beverly McNeil Gallery. 


I am honored to be asked to paint again for ArtBLINK. I have, as many of you, had several members of my family and friends diagnosed with cancer. Some of them, thanks to the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB, are survivors. The work going on with such intensity, to do research, treat and save so many people is awesome. The hope that one of my paintings can contribute to the great monetary needs of this wonderful facility is both humbling and inspiring.