Natalie Russo Zoghby


Natalie Russo Zoghby has always considered herself an artist. Born and raised in Birmingham, Natalie attended the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa where she obtained a degree in Art and Fashion Design. Described as a large scale abstract artist, she is inspired by the beauty of the world around her. Water is the most important element in her paintings, which she uses to create the flowing colors embraced in her works.

Natalie commits much of her time to working with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. At The Arc of Central Alabama Natalie leads daily art classes for the people they serve. She also volunteers weekly with the Arts in Medicine Program at UAB Hospital. In this position, she works with mothers of babies in the Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit teaching them how to embroider blankets for their children. Natalie is also a Graduate Student at the University of Florida’s Arts in Medicine Program. She believes in the healing powers of art and that everyone has to ability to create beautiful things.

I am honored to be participating the in the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s ArtBLINK Gala for the second time. It supports such a wonderful cause. I have seen the pain that cancer brings to not only the individual, but the people who love them. I would like to dedicate my painting tonight to Elizabeth Pierce. Though I never met Liz, she is the woman who gave me life as my biological mother. Her compassion and zest for life lives on through her daughter Lillith Williams. I would give anything for things to have been different and for Liz to be given more time here on earth. I hope with further research we can find a cure for pancreatic cancer. I know that we all wish we could have more time together with the people we have lost to cancer.