Sally Waldrup Boyd


Sally Waldrup Boyd’s journey as an artist has taken her from working in the interior design industry in both NYC and Atlanta to the beaches of the Gulf coast and finally back to her native Birmingham, Alabama. From her birds and tree series  to her non-objective abstracts, Sally seeks to find harmony in color whether it is vibrant combinations or more subtle palettes. Sally is inspired by the relationship of colors and the moods that they create. She uses various materials to create layers that include but are not limited to paint, plaster, papers, wax, acrylic mediums and glazes applied to a wood panel using mostly a palette knife. Sally also enjoys experimenting with photography as a way to capture images that can be transfered into her encaustic pieces. As her grandfather and father were both photographers, Sally loves carrying on this familial thread in her artistic expression.

Sally studied painting at the University of Alabama and drawing at the University of Alabama Birmingham.  Sally is represented in galleries in the southeast where she also shows in select juried art shows.


I do not have to look far to find inspiration to paint for ArtBLINK. Although I have said before that I do not paint in front of people, I will for this cause. I am a survivor of Ovarian cancer. My mom is a survivor of bone cancer. I lost my dad to lung cancer and a very special aunt to stomach cancer even though she had been a 16 year survivor of breast cancer. Anything I can do to help the fight to cure cancer, I am in.


I feel that I was blessed because my diagnosis was incidental as it was found in a scheduled hysterectomy in December of 2014. It was so early that it was detected only through pathology. My journey has opened my eyes to this dreadful disease. Although I had been touched by cancer in my loved ones, until it actually reared its ugly head in my body did I decide to join this fight. As an artist, this event is the perfect fit for me to do whatever small part I can to contribute. I am forever grateful for the medical professionals that have saved my life (& my mom’s) and any support I can give I am more than happy to do! I am thankful for the opportunity to paint for ArtBLINK 2017.