Sarah Soule Webb


Pensacola native, Sarah Soule Webb’s love and longing for the waters on which she grew up are evident in her coastal inspired large scale art.  She calls her style “photosurrealism’. Painting with light, she explores contrast and vibrant colors while hopefully reflecting the light and love within her. 

Like most children, Sarah considered herself an artist since the age of 4, yet never grew out of it. She sold her first painting at 13 and now works full time as an artist, selling her work throughout the country, in addition to being a wife and mother of three children. Sarah obtained her degree in Nutrition at the University of Alabama and worked for several years as a Registered Dietitian at UAB, specifically working with people undergoing treatment for Cancer. Sarah feels extremely blessed to have art as her full time career and hopes her work inspires and reflects the ultimate Creator.  Check out her work at or @Sarahsoulewebbstudios on facebook and Instagram. 





It is a tremendous honor to be involved with UAB’s ARTBLINK which allows me to combine my passions of creativity and helping others. Having worked for several years as an RD at UAB’s comprehensive cancer center, this is especially meaningful to be able to contribute my talent to the cause as well. 

I love working at ARTBLINK!  As an artist that usually paints alone, taking days or weeks on a painting, this event really pushes my limits and challenges me creatively speaking.   I spend months preparing for ARTBLINK: dreaming, visualizing, practicing for the actual event. A lot of unseen work goes into this 90 minutes of art and I think people appreciate that.