Thomas Andrew Findlay


Thomas Andrew Findlay was born in Miami, Florida, in 1967 but moved to Mountain Brook, Alabama, at age 8. He is the middle of three sons and attended Auburn University where he studied computer graphics. After graduation, Mr. Findlay moved to South Carolina to become the art director for Conso Products International.

Mr. Findlay is a self-taught painter and began painting full-time in 2004. He quickly became known for his dramatic angelic figures. In 2007, he started creating images based on the American landscape, which was inspired by the time he spent in Colorado as a young man. His artwork has been collected by patrons and corporations throughout the world, most notably Coca-Cola. Moreover, his style is visually unique as he blends acrylics, oil stains, inks and pastes onto wooden panels with a combination of palette knife and brush. He also paints on woven fabrics which gives his artwork a unique dimension.


Tom says this about his work, “I am a true colorist at heart. I love color because it can conjure deep emotions. I am inspired by it and hope to inspire with it. The color of a painting is far more important to me than the complexity of the image.”