Michael Swann

Michael Swann

I am honored to donate my time and talent to such a wonderful event and important cause. The piece I create tonight is dedicated to my grandfather John Bradley Swann, who passed away in 1951 as a result of bone cancer.

Michael Swann earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Birmingham Southern College in 1986, and then promptly turned to his love of music as his principle occupation. Working primarily as a touring guitarist for 20 years, he would produce art when he could, often reflecting his travels with palettes that recalled the colors of the changing landscape and figures as edgy or bold as the decision to follow a passion. Within the past 10 years, Mr. Swann has seen less of the road, trading his guitar for a strong return to visual arts. He focuses on art as anyone approaches a professional pursuit: working daily in a variety of mediums and techniques that include painting, drawing, printmaking, airbrushing and pin-striping. He maintains three studios plus a woodworking shop, where he builds his own stretchers, panels and frames. Mr. Swann owns and operates Gallery Vox, a contemporary art gallery located in Tarrant. He is also Alabama’s ambassador to the Portrait Society of America.

Mr. Swann’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the country, and can be seen currently on display at the Meridian Museum and online at www.michaelswann.net.

His guitar abilities can be heard on major releases by Mars Electric and Wayne, and on selected tracks of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster in addition to many other independent releases.

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