Sarah Mason


The arts have a special way of bringing all parts of a community together, inspiring each other to be more creative in many different ways. Art also has the power to bring healing and light into those suffering from cancer and other diseases.

I am so thankful for the teams of doctors and researchers at UAB who spend so much of their lives dedicated to finding cures and helping people with cancer. I want to give back to the community and help support this amazing medical team.

Sarah Mason is best known for her introspective abstracts. Starting her professional career as a musician, she moved into the visual arts after being inspired through an emotional experience. “I often use the melodramatic influences of the music world to derive an aesthetic mood in my art that speaks to an individual who feels the arts in their soul.” Her art is edgy, constantly evolving and fresh. As a self- taught artist, Sarah has used nature, color, texture and energy for motivation. With the use of gold, metallics and vibrant watercolor, she creates light in a romantic darkness.