Vicki Denaburg


For Vicki Denaburg, painting is a heartfelt passion and becoming an artist is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Although she has been inspired by and painted with many artists over the last years, she is mostly self-taught.

Mrs. Denaburg continues to aspire to develop her unique style by experimenting with different mediums taken to a whole new level. As texture and color continue to inspire her, she works to create unique pieces by layering the different mediums in a way that will speak to the viewers with excitement and interest. She has a passion for abstract art, but also enjoys the occasional change to realism. Her abstract paintings come from within and are rarely pre-planned.

Mrs. Denaburg’s goal is to create art that is so powerful that it draws the viewer in with interest, and that the sense of style and sophistication will be shared and appreciated by all.


2015 was a bittersweet year for me. I’m dedicating my ArtBlink commitment this year to two very dear people that are so close to my heart.

Ann Robertson, my sister-in-law, battled breast cancer for many years and was so hopeful with continued good reports. A couple of years ago she found out that her cancer had returned, and was in her brain. She fought bravely, with a wonderful positive attitude. She lost her battle May 27, 2015. She was excited to know that I was painting for her this year.

My other inspiration is my 82 year old father, Robert Hollingsworth, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in April 2015. After struggling with chemo, radiation, a feeding tube, ( that he still has) my father is now cancer free! It has been the toughest battle our family has ever faced, and we are truly blessed to still have him with us.

The strength, courage, and positive attitude of both Ann and my father, as well as everyone else who has battled cancer, is why I am so dedicated and honored to be a part of ArtBlink. I want to do everything I can to help families have an easier time with their fight, as well as get closer and closer to a cure! Thank you for allowing me to participate in this wonderful cause.