Fran Bostick

Fran Bostick

Fran Merrill Bostick was born and raised in the sweet, small town of Andalusia, AL. Fran loved art as a child, and took art lessons from her mentor, Margo Russell.

Because of her love of color, and design (and her extreme dislike of math), Fran graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Interior Furnishings. Fran married Dwight Bostick and moved to Hoover, AL where they have lived ever since, and where they raised two wonderful daughters.

Fran worked for various companies, both large and small, in corporate America for 40 plus years as a Human Resources executive, and even though this was a wonderful career, it did not offer much of a creative outlet. After retiring, Fran wanted to do something very different than how she had spent her working years. She found a tidbit of advice in a book she was reading on retirement, which suggested to try activities you loved doing as a child to see if you still like them. So Fran picked up a paint brush four years ago, and hasn’t stopped painting since.

Fran loves experimenting with her art, which is continuing to evolve, but describes her current abstract work as big, loud, and fun. She spends most of her time painting, doing contract HR consulting work, and keeping her four grandchildren.
Fran is honored and humbled to be participating as a first timer in Art Blink this year, among so many other very accomplished artists, and will be painting for a dear friend who has been battling cancer for the past 6 years but continues to fight.

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