Gina Hurry

Gina Hurry

I’m honored to participate in ArtBlink to help raise funding for future cancer research…painting is my most tangible way of bringing life and showing love to the world around me.

I believe beauty stirs hope.

I remember how helpless I felt when my grandmother and best friend lost her life to cancer almost 12 years ago and I’m glad there’s some way I can play a small part in possibly giving life to someone else in honor of her and all she invested in me.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Gina Hurry was born in Birmingham, Alabama, but grew up mostly in the state’s Capitol, Montgomery.

From an early age, Gina was making her mark in the world; in fact, one of her earliest memories involves large scale expressive coloring on her mother’s bedroom walls with bright pink lipstick.

Gina’s first published work of art was in first grade, and she spent the following years at the feet of working artists to whatever extent her mother could afford.

At age 15 Gina was accepted into a small magnet school program with a focus on creative community. She spent the next three years working in an apprentice style environment with six other students in a small setting, developing skills as a working studio artist.

Gina attended Birmingham Southern College and received a BFA with a concentration in Painting.

Upon graduation, Gina felt torn between her work as an artist and a strong compulsion towards mission work. As a result, she took a job in Nashville, Tennessee for one year as an intern working for a church and taking seminary classes before moving back to Birmingham to marry Tim Hurry and start their new life together. She has been working and selling as a studio artist for 21 years while juggling raising a family and founding InSpero, a non-profit focused on nurturing creative community for the common good in Birmingham.

Gina believes beauty is meant to stir hope and remind us all that God is good.

Gina favors personal relationship and interaction with her clients and prefers to keep her work close to home.

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