Liz Lane

Liz Lane

Liz graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in fashion design. Abstract principles of design that once influenced her time in the fashion industry now influence her art. Lane explores the energy behind people, objects and movement in her abstracts. She pushes back against traditional linear narrative, and believes meaningful stories can be found without typical order.

Each piece is unique in inspiration and thought. Lane uses her brush to perform a dance on canvas, expressive, powerful, and unhindered by rules. A mix of emotions fills the layers of her paintings, but her ultimate goal is for the layers to be cohesive and balanced; a reflection of a personal balance Lane strives to find.

Her work and philosophy has been deepened by the birth of her two daughters and a strong call to leave the world a better place for them to thrive in. She knows there is urgency to protecting our changing climate and believes environmental reform must take place now.

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