Morgan Jones Johnston

Morgan Jones Johnston

Morgan Jones Johnston is an American artist based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her current bodies of work are an exploration of color, gesture and the profound beauty of nature’s rhythms, cycling through birth, death and rebirth. Pulling and pushing through color, conscious/unconscious mark making, the minimal and the maximal, the practice and the work are a meditation on beauty, discipline, abandon and the place they meet in her physical art practice.

When not painting larger expressionistic work, Morgan travels the country for her ongoing project “In The Field,” spending time and making art in people’s gardens, private and public spaces and portraits of people with whom she connected over the course of the past two years.

Morgan began her art education at the early age of five, later attending the Alabama School of Fine Arts as a visual arts major. She has lived and worked as an artist in London, England, and Antibes, France.
She has collectors throughout the United States, as well as international collectors in France, England, Mexico and Canada.

In 2021 she launched an ongoing partnership with Serena & Lily and has exclusive art collections available online and in design shops around the country. Morgan is also owner of acclaimed experiential lifestyle brand, Club Duquette, as seen in The New York Times, Vogue magazine and more.

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