Paul Ware

Paul Ware

This year I am painting again for the many caregivers of those touched by cancer. These are the friends and family, mothers, fathers, siblings, children, husbands and wives who love and support. Who travel to and from each appointment and painful treatment; who agonize over the results of each test and report. Who lay on hands of love and prayer; who celebrate good news and console and weep over bad. The loving people who are with us in thought, word and deed.

I received a B.A. in religion from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and a J.D. from Washington and Lee University School of Law. I practiced law in Birmingham from 1986 until I retired at the end of 2015 following a life-threatening brain hemorrhage. There is a significant spiritual and meditative aspect to my work. I tend to draw inspiration from classical, religious and decorative imageries, often cross-referenced and linked by materials and mixed media. There is a great variety of technique, materials, size and subject matter in my work, from tiny, heavily worked and detailed icons to landscapes, interiors, insects and larger, freer abstract and figurative canvases, including super-sized political portraits.

My smaller works of icons, landscapes and miniature interiors are often executed on irregularly shaped, cast-off pieces of sheet metal, tin, aluminum and copper, then hammered, primed and intricately painted with ink, gouache and acrylic media to give the works an intimate, jewel-like quality.

Over the last three years I have focused my work on larger abstract compositions. These works are more gestural and intuitive and involve a more physical interaction with the process of painting.

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