Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason

As a self taught artist, Mason experiments with new designs, ideas and . techniques to express and challenge herself. Nature, color, texture and energy are what motive her creative process. As a musician, she is mindful of lyrics and melodies as additional inspiration for her art. Using the melodramatic influences of the music she creates, she derives an aesthetic mood which is transferred into her art. The two creative processes are influential to each other, and often co-exist within her painting and song writing.

Having resided in Wyoming as a child, she creates abstract landscapes that are inspired from the time she spent exploring the outdoors and experiencing first hand the rare beauty of the aftermath of the Yellowstone forest fires. The resulting regrowth, isolation, silence and the eerie light inspire her darker forest series. The mood of the dreary dreamy series is lighter, with the focus on layers and overlapping forms of color. The intensity of the pigments in the watercolor paint are enhanced with metallics and bright color palettes. Horizon is a series that focuses on the natural movement of color in nature from one sunset to the next sunrise, an ever-changing motion of shapes, patterns, depth and density.

Sarah Mason is fascinated with the movement of sky, colors and dense landscapes occurring in nature. Upon looking at clouds or a sunset, she studies the shapes and the constant transition of color enveloping. While studying a piece she is creating, she takes time to let sediments of the watercolor settle, arranging the next gesture of brush strokes to organically bleed each pigment into one another. This process happens over and over throughout the creation of a new work. Overlapping layers and details of small and large forms produce an abstract piece that is two-dimensional . Within this multi-layered canvas, a single frame in time exists, captured by a snapshot of one distinct memory.

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