Thomas Andrew Findlay

Thomas Andrew Findlay

I am a colorist, which means I am inspired by nature’s colors, and I hope to inspire my clients with the colors I choose for my paintings.

Thomas Andrew Findlay is an award-winning, self-taught painter who was born in Miami, Florida, in 1967. He is the middle of three sons and attended Auburn University where he studied computer graphics. After graduation in 1990, Tom moved to South Carolina to become the Art Director for Conso Products International. From 1997 until 2003, Tom was a serial entrepreneur with several businesses in the pet, jewelry, and dot com industries.

In 2004, Tom decided to dive into the world of fine art. His colorful landscape paintings quickly grew in popularity, prompting Tom to call his studio “Red Tree Studio.” Tom’s artwork has been collected by many private collectors as well as large and small corporations throughout the United States and Canada, most notably the Coca-Cola Company. Moreover, Tom exhibits at fine art shows and through galleries, stores and decorators in North America, including Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Nashville, Memphis and Miami.

Tom has also grown very popular on social media with thousands of followers and subscribers on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. Thomas Andrew Art, LLC has licensed artwork through several large art licensing companies and maintains several websites, including,,,,

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